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Princess Anna Costume – Frozen

Frozen Anna Dress
Princess Anna coronation dress inspired by Frozen
Frozen inspired Princess Anna dress

So this is my gorgeous niece, well step niece (is there such a thing?) if we are going to be pedantic.  She models for me at least a couple of times a month and you are likely to see her on a regular basis on this site.

Princess Anna Coronation inspired by Frozen
Princess Anna dress

When I first started making the Elsa dresses she was putting on the ‘I’m too old to dress up as a princess’ act (seriously no-one is ever too old). However, as soon as  an opportunity arose to dress up as Anna, she was only too keen to volunteer.  I had made this outfit for a friend to hire to dress up as Anna at her little girl’s Frozen party. I happened to have the costume in the car when I payed a visit one day. Kyla wasn’t in the best of moods, so we did a quick hair makeover, put on the costume and instant smiles.

Frozen Princess Anna dress back
Frozen Princess Anna dress back

The bustier is made from sturdy cotton (although I wish now I had done it in a velvet) with boning to give shape. I used the trusty Brother Innovis to embroider the pattern on the front. The skirt was a prized find in a op shop. An old pair of curtains that were hiding behind some old duvet covers – I nearly squealed when I saw them – I knew they would make the ‘perfect’ Anna skirt.  – Yes you can call me Maria haha I was humming ‘a few of my favourite things’ whilst I was sewing 😉 anna3